Welcome to SECUF-2023

The 2nd International Conference on Physics under Synergetic Extreme Conditions held jointly with the User Meeting and Summer School of SECUF (SECUF-2023) stems out of the conference series of “User Meeting of Synergetic Extreme Conditions User Facility (SECUF)”, which has been held since 2019 to absorb the suggestions of experts and users on the construction of the facility and jointly discuss the overall plan of open operation in the future. Now, all the experimental stations of the facility in Huairou, Beijing were put into trial operation in January, 2023. To meet the new stage of SECUF, the Organizing Committee decided to expand the scale of the conference, inviting more foreign participants and involving more topics. SECUF-2023 aims to introduce the facility to future domestic and international users, to exchange scientific research progresses on physics under synergetic extreme conditions, and to promote collaboration both domestic and world-wide.

SECUF-2023 will be held on July 18-23, 2023. The conference consists of two parts. Part one is the summer school of SECUF on July 18-21, in which invited speakers will give tutorial lectures on the physics and technologies related to synergetic extreme conditions, and the stuff of SECUF will give introductions on the experimental stations of the facility. Part two is an international conference on physics under synergetic extreme conditions, held jointly with the user meeting. The conference will have one plenary session and four parallel sessions as specified below:

Session 1: Emergent quantum materials and phenomena under high pressure extreme conditions.

Session 2:  Physical property characterization under synergetic extreme conditions.

Session 3: Quantum transport in low dimensional materials and quantum devices at ultralow temperatures.

Session 4: Ultra-fast sciences and technology

The conference and the summer school will be organized in Huairou, Beijing. There is no registration fee. For the summer school, the number of participants is limited to 150, and the accommodation costs will be covered by SECUF.

The conference registration deadline is June 30th.While most of the talks are by invitation, the international conference accepts a limited number of contributed talks (10 min + 2 min Q&A) and posters via abstract submission, with a deadline of June 15th.